Monday, January 18, 2010

More Lemon

I am going through some major with drawl. My apartment still isn't fixed yet, and I haven't been behind a stove in over a week. I'm itching to get back to cooking. I did find some pictures today on my camera from a dinner I made last week before the power problems. (Which someone is coming to look at tomorrow).
I should scratch that last paragraph. I am currently typing this with Intervention playing in the background on television, and I am nowhere near an addict.
New start:
The power to my kitchen is still out. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how I can make an actual hot meal using only outlets, without the use of my stove, oven or microwave. Being the idiot that I am, I didn't even think to use The Wife until I got home tonight, which is kind of late notice to put a meal together in a slow cooker. I do miss being able to cook though, and I am getting tired of take out. The only reason why I have a post to put up is that I found some pictures on my camera today from a meal I made last week. (I believe this is the one that was being made at the time the power started going wonky)

When I was at my friend C's parents' place on New Year's Eve, the topic of conversation led to food. Someone brought up my blog and some of the dinners that I had been making and someone asked me why I would want to put so much effort into a dinner that only I will enjoy. I'm not sure what I had answered with, but it would have been along the lines of why wouldn't I?
I have to eat every night, so I might as well enjoy my meals. I did admit though, that sometimes trying to cook for one with recipes that are made to serve four or more can be a pain in the ass.
This is when C's mom pulled out a couple of magazines with recipes designed to serve two people. This is perfect for me since I like to make enough food in one meal to serve me twice, once at dinner and once the next day for lunch.

One of the recipes was Lemon Sirloin with Feta Tabbouleh.
Tabbouleh is a Mediterranean salad that consists of bulgur, vegetables, and herbs. I have never worked with bulgur before but from the picture in the magazine I knew it would be similar to couscous or quinoa. The bulgur grains are slightly bigger than couscous, which I liked. The salad is incredibly healthy, it's loaded with vegetables and the oil used in it is the heart-healthy olive oil. The only unhealthy item is the feta, and I did use a bit more than what the recipe called for. Because I love feta. I could eat it straight out of the container.

The only issue I had with this recipe was due to my lack of experience with a grill pan. My aunt had called me a couple weeks ago. She was at Canadian Tire and they had a sale on KitchenAid grill pans, and she wanted to know if I wanted one. As soon as she mentioned "70 % off" I said yes, without even asking what color it was. (It was red by the way, so obviously I was meant to have this pan)
I didn't heat the pan up slowly, and I also didn't let it get hot enough before placing the steaks on. This will explain why there are no grill marks on the steak. Also why you don't see much of the steak in the picture, it isn't very pretty looking. The lemons look beautiful which is why the picture is even getting posted.

Overall, I loved this dish. I don't normally think to pair lemon with red meat, and I think they make a great pair. The tabbouleh was incredibly tasty and I can see it making a regular appearance at my table.


cjhoffman said...

That salad looks deelish! Did you put it in a square mold? Or is that a square dish?

Miss Lady said...

It's my square bowls from Crate & Barrel. $5 each!

Erika said...

I was gonna say that picture looked great!