Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back in Action

I am thrilled beyond measure to announce that my kitchen is back to functional. As of this afternoon power has returned to my entire apartment. I know from the way I have been complaining about this you would think I would be cooking tonight and posting up some food immediately.
Unfortunately once I realized my power would be down for at least a week, I begged everyone I knew to take pity on me and feed me home cooked meals. So tonight I am still going to a friend's for dinner, but as of tomorrow night I plan to be back in the kitchen.
I can only take so much take out. Throughout the week I have a certain system. One night a week I go to my sister's for dinner, and on Fridays I usually pick something up, and the rest of the week I make dinner. Fridays I am usually tired from the work week and want to do nothing except eat food prepared by someone else and watch a movie. I do like to go out for dinner too, but I couldn't eat restaurant or take out food a lot because I do love home cooked meals.

I am different on vacation though. When I went to Hawaii I loved going out to eat, mainly so I could have really fresh seafood. Last year I also spent some time in the Caribbean on a cruise. The best thing about a cruise is that there is food available all the time, usually in a buffet. My favorite thing about the food, aside from how good it tasted, was that it was all inclusive. One dinner I even ordered escargots, because I wanted to try them and figured the best time to do it was when they were free, so I wouldn't feel bad about wasting money if I didn't like them.
When our ship stopped in Mexico, we ate lunch at a Mexican cantina. I didn't realize this, but the sign for pesos on the menu was the same as the sign for an American or Canadian dollar. So when I was looking at the margarita list I was shocked to see a margarita for $120. (I also questioned how much tequila would have to be in said drink to make it cost that much) Thankfully our waiter explained the price was in pesos. Ahh tourists.

This is me, enjoying the fajitas that didn't cost $150. What you can't see is that right beside me was the ocean. It was very beautiful!


Erika said...

If the ocean is right next to you then Mr. January is right next to me.

Miss Lady said...

Beside the table in the picture you nut. The restaurant was right on the ocean!