Thursday, January 14, 2010


It's been a really rough couple days for me. The biggest problem for me has been with my power in the apartment. A couple weeks ago when I was cooking dinner my fridge and microwave turned off. They both turned back on about five minutes later, only to turn off again five minutes after that. This repeated itself a few times before they both came back on for good.
Two nights ago I was making dinner when my microwave and fridge turned off for five minutes, turned back on, then ten minutes after that they shut off for good. About a half hour later I called my dad who told me to at least find a plug that was working to plug the fridge into. Oddly enough, the outlet right beside the fridge was working.
That night I went into my room to go to bed, and my bedroom light wouldn't turn on. My closet light and bathroom lights both turned on though. The next morning I woke up and my light wouldn't turn on, the microwave still had no power, and my spare bedroom lights were off.

This is a rough map of my house. Notice that the bedrooms, and kitchen are not close to each other, or beside each other or even on the same side of the apartment. Everyone's solution to my problem has been to check the breaker. Which I have. Several times.
Tonight I go to make dinner. I turn the stove on and go to empty the dishwasher. I notice that my microwave has turned back on! So I run to my bedroom, and sure enough, the lights are working!
About ten minutes later I realize my pot of water hasn't boiled. I check the coil, it's not hot. I turn it off, and the microwave turns off. I turn the stove back on, and the microwave turns on.
I'm beginning to fear my power problem is a much bigger issue.
Not only that, but now I don't have use of my stove. So I did the first thing one would do in such a situation and called my sister while in tears.

Here's to hoping I will be cooking and blogging again soon!


Anonymous said...

That's just not fair!!!!

Miss Lady said...

I know. I have recently checked, the burners and oven will not heat up. I cannot cook!

Adventures of the Homemaking Mommy said...

You are in an apartment right? Did you check with your neighbors to see if they are having any problems?